There are many ways you can help support the Burin SPCA. We appreciate every act no matter how big or how small.

– You can donate your Canadian Tire money.

– There is a SPCA bin in the Peninsula Mall next to Buck or Two where you can drop off items like cleaning supplies, food and so on.

– There are SPCA cans in several stores all over the Peninsula. Drop your change into the cans to help support the animals. You can also drop your Canadian Tire money into those cans as well.

– You can drop off your Recyclables at the Green Depot in Creston South and donate them to the SPCA. You can also drop them off at the shelter behind the Burin Town Council building. Please make sure the recyclables are clean. (We don’t have time nor staff to clean them)

– You can also volunteer at the SPCA. We need friends of the animals who would like to help clean up, play with our furry friends, walk the dogs and so on. If you have some time to spare and would like to volunteer, please call the shelter at 891-8000. We’d love to have you there.


DOGS: We need Pedigree Pal dog food. We try to keep the same dog food on hand because the different food upsets the dogs stomachs. We use both wet and dry Pedigree Pal dog food.

CATS: We prefer no dye cat food. We need wet and dry food. We prefer Whiskas and Purina. Cats are finicky and we like to have an assortment on hand.


We need:

– non clumping kitty litter
– cleaning supplies like Javex
– blankets
– newspaper
– rubber gloves
– toys for the animals
– treats for the animals

If you would like to donate your time, an item, or whatever you want, please contact the shelter. We need your support and our furry friends need you too!!!

Donate through Canada Helps. Click the logo above and make a one time donation or set up a monthly donation.

You can send an interact bank transfer to us at:

You can send a donation to:
Burin SPCA
P.O. Box 525
Burin Bay Arm, Newfoundland
A0E 1G0

Do not forget to include your mailing address for receipts please. You will receive your receipt within 4 weeks. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us.