February 9, 2024Burin SPCA

Burin SPCA Auction Rules February 2024.

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*All items have a starting bid.

*All items can can picked up at Lisa’s house in Salt Pond.

*There are 65 items to be auctioned off.

*All items can be paid for by emt at burinpeninsulaspca@gmail.comand use the word auction as the answer to the question What is this for?Or winning items can be paid for in cash when picking up.

*Winning items will not be dropped off elsewhere.

*Any items not paid for or bid on and they will carry over to the next auction.

*When picking up winning items,please call 709 891 1003 to make sure someone is at home and for directions to Lisa’s house if necessary.

*Do not comment while bids are being declared.

*Winners will have 2 weeks to pay and pick up winning auction items.

*Auction will start on Saturday February 10 at 9:00 am and end on Friday February 16 at 9:00 pm.

*Any bids after 9:00 pm and they will be void.

*All bids are timestamped.

*If you make a mistake when bidding, do not erase it,comment on next line.Do not delete any bids made.

*If you have any questions, inbox Lisa.

*Please remember when the auction is over it takes time to declare bids,bag and tag all winning items.Be patient and you will be contacted.

*A list of all winners will be posted with the amount they owe.

*Winning items cannot be exchanged for something else.

*Only bid on items you want.

*You do not get to pick items that you won and do not want. That is an Automatic ban. You will not be able to participate in any more of our auctions.

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