• Thank you Jennifer for sending in some pics of Poppy (now Lily).She has grown in a beautiful cat.

    July 11, 2022Burin SPCA
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  • Cobra Has Been Adopted

    April 30, 2022Burin SPCA

    We are so pleased to announce that our little guy Cobra has been adopted. Three cheers for Cobra finding his furever home!!! Thank You Jennifer for sending us some beautiful pics of Cobra and his Fur Family. He’s settling in nicely and loves our boys, Peter and Henry. He takes turns sleeping in their rooms. He is still quite nervous around Charlie as Charlie is very curious about him and tries to get close. He is starting to interact a little bit with our senior kitty Kipper and he doesn’t bother much with our chihuahua Gizmo. Cobra is very playful…

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